Sunday, March 1, 2009

Announcements Week 24 (02-08 Mar. 2009)

Grade 6

  • 601 - String Art: Mounting your work for the Art Show.
  • 602 - Mobiles: STILL Stringing the pieces for your mobile, balancing it out and hanging it in the Art Room - who knew it would take such a long time! :)
  • 603 - Silhouettes: Writing your descriptive sentences to embellish your Silhouettes

Grade 7

  • 701 - Art Time Line: Tracing your art work and starting to paint it.
  • 702 - Friendship Wheel: Mounting the Portraits onto the Board, Making all the name tags, hammering the circle of nails and starting to string all the connectors. (Somebody needs to do Doğa's picture.
  • 703 - Cylinder Seals: Getting the FIMO onto the cylinder and Carving your design. Much patience will be needed.

Grade 8
You will be starting on your series of Self-Portraits. You have the next 3 weeks to complete a Collage, Ink and Line Portrait of yourself. Read the checklist.