Friday, June 12, 2009

Smart History

An excellent resource for Western art. Easy to use, fun and engaging it makes a great change from the traditional art history book.

Announcements Week 38 (15-19 June, 2009)

Exams are over! This is it, the last week of school before Summer Break. Enjoy these last few days and drop by the Art Room to collect any of your stuff that might be there.

Grade 6
I am still taking Sock Monkey portraits. When they are posted on Facebook, you should go and tag your monkey as well as write his/her name underneath their picture. They are all fabulous!

Grade 7
If you have not picked up your Flipbook 2, come and get it.

Grade 8
Some of you still need to come and pick up your folders and Development Sketchbooks. If you have not taken them by the end of the week, they will be "recycled".

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flipbook 4

by Çiğem Kökenöz

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Brainstormer

Don't know what to draw? Have no ideas? Then check this out! This is a fantastic online application designed by Andrew Bosley to generate unusual sketching topics by combining random words. Click on the image and start spinning the dials. You will never be stuck for an idea again.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Announcements Week 37 (08-14 June, 2009)

It is exam week, all regular classes are done for this school year. We will still be seeing each other for afternoon study hall etc. I will be posting some Sock Monkey updates as well as Sock Monster information for those of you who have asked for it!

Grade 6
The Sock Monkeys are beautiful - make sure a photo is taken of your monkey by the end of next week. If you are still sewing, the Art Room is open during first break and lunch - there are always kids here sewing, so come!

Grade 7
The second Flipbook challenge is done. Come and pick up your Flipbook 2 from me this week along with your grade for this final challenge. They look good!

Grade 8 IGCSE candidates going into Grade 9, we have a meeting on Wednesday, June 10 at 12:45 to go over your summer assignment and for me to answer any last minute questions you might have. The IGCSE Summer Blog is up and running - bookmark it, it is is your reference for the 12 Variations assignment. You should also bookmark Ms. Krugman's blog which you will be using in high school next year.

All Middle Schoolers

Please remember to come and pick up your Development Sketchbooks as well any other art that is still here in the art room.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sock Monkey 2

As always the Sock Monkey's take on a life of their own. They start out as an idea, something that you thought about and drew in your Devlopment Sketchbooks, then they become a thing that eventually has all its parts and need to be sewn together AND THEN they become REAL.

You spend all your spare time in the Art Room learning how to connect all the pieces, teaching and helping each other and the next thing I know, you are introducing me to Flanders, Homer, Bella or whomever it is your Sock Monkey has become. You talk about them as if they are people and all I hear about and see for days on end are Sock Monkeys populating our world as if an invasion has occurred. They are incredible.