Monday, December 1, 2008

Announcements Week 13 (01-07 Dec. 2008)

All the Grades and different classes are working on various projects.

Grade 6 Fingerprint Project
601 has started painting
602 & 603 are still tracing

Grade 7 Kapadokya Projects
The Ceiling Fresco is starting to really take shape. The Paper Pigeons are almost done and the Shadow Boxes are also moving forward.

Grade 8 Cell Paintings
We agreed in class today that the due date for the Cell Paintings will be the week of January 12, 2009. Sounds like a long way off, but it isn't. Remember that you can come in at lunchtime to work as well.

There is not much to say, you all know what you are doing. This Friday, December 5th is the Science Fair all day, so we will not be having the regular schedule for Friday.