Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cells 4

Grade 8, now that most of you have started your Cell projects and are beginning to paint, I want you to start thinking about what your final painting will look like. Here are some examples of Cell art to get you imagining the possibilities some more...

Madonna con Clon, Dr. Hunter O'Reilly

For homework, and to get you thinking about the Science of it all, visit these two links: Cell City and Cells Alive! Be ready in class next week to ANSWER QUESTIONS about the homework.

Remember that Mr. Young is going to be looking for the following information in your final painting:
  1. Name: The Cell is accurately named and sourced
  2. What is it: Kingdom of life the Cell belongs to is identified. Where in the multi cellular organism it is found is identified. If it is unicellular, where the organism lives.
  3. What does it do and how: Explanation of how it performs its function
  4. What makes it a Cell: 5 features common to all cells are identified
  5. What makes it unique: 5 features unique to this Kingdom of cells or this specialized cell