Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fingerprint 2

In class this week you completed a Contour Drawing of your Fingerprint in your Development Sketchbooks and then you chose a set of Complementary Colours (Red & Green, Blue & Orange, Yellow & Violet) and you tested how you might choose to paint your final fingerprint using those colours plus all the tints and shades.

This week I also fingerprinted each of you and scanned your prints so that we can project them onto the wall and you can trace a large copy for your final painting. The tracing takes time, and so we also started a Collage Portrait. While you are waiting for the projector you will work on various Creativity Challenges as well as the Collage Portrait. I will do a separate posting for the Collage Portrait when all of you have had a chance to see what it is about in class.

Grade 6
This week in class I will grade your Dev. SkBks. So make sure that the checklist that I gave to you is complete and that your books are in order.