Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kapadokya Projects 2 - 703

We talked in class about getting your Development Sketchbooks into order and up-to-date, so here is your homework for Friday, November 21:

  • In your DevSkbks you will write 1 entry for the Kapadokya Project assignment, Paper Pigeon 1:

Paper Pigeon 1
  1. Write the date: 31 October 2008
  2. Write the Title: Paper Pigeon 1
  3. Write an explanation of the Project. In your Explanation include the following information - (a) As a Group you decided on completing 2 types of Pigeons, a Paper Pigeon and a Sewn Pigeon, (b) Explain that firstly you are completing a Paper Pigeon, (c) The idea came after Experimenting with different ideas for Sculptural type Pigeons and it became evident that you needed to work from a template (d) The idea of a template led us to Origami.
  4. Write a description of the class period when we experimented with different Origami patterns and then decided on the one that is shown in the post above. I will provide you with a copy of the instructions to put in your DevSkbks.
  5. Make a small Paper Pigeon to put into your DevSkbks.
  6. Describe how you have also decided to Paint and Sew onto the Paper Pigeons.