Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fingerprint 1

Grade 6 your are doing a Forensics unit in Science class and your next art project is going to be a large painting of one your own fingerprints. You will paint using only 2 complementary colours + the shades and tints of those colours.

In class we explored what a fingerprint is. Some of the words you used to define a fingerprint were: unique, pattern, identity, whorl, arch, loop, oil, trace, forensics, DNA, everybody has them and they are everywhere.

In your Development Sketchbooks you made a print of your Thumb and then attempted to draw a full page copy of it. While doing that you discovered just how much detail and information a fingerprint actually has in it and many of you complained that it was "too hard" or "too much", which made me laugh, because YES it is far more complicated than you first think and that is what is so cool about having fingerprints.

6th Grade Homework
In your Development Sketchbooks research the following vocabulary for fingerprints:

  1. Arch
  2. Loop
  3. Whorl
  4. Twinned Loop
  5. Composite.
For each word write a definition in your own words and draw an example fingerprint. The size of your drawings can be quite small but 3cm x 3cm should be the smallest. When writing your definitions just try to describe what you see in your own words, just like we did in class.

I have posted links in the links column under FINGERPRINTS, you will need to look at these to do your homework.