Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kapadokya Projects 1

Grade 7
The Kapadokya Projects are taking shape. We saw some good progress in developing ideas in the Fresco Group and the Pigeon Group.

7_01 Shadow Boxes
You know that I expect to see some real collaboration and progress this week. You have a lot of work to do to make up for the last two lessons where only Group 1. Skyline/Landscape were able to come together and be productive. The other two groups: Group 2. Göreme/Town/Churches and Group 3. Underground City have some serious research and brainstorming to do. If you do not get it together this week, we will have to re-group and seriously assess what to do.

7_02 Ceiling Painting/Fresco
The fresco quadrants are getting transferred in class using the projector. You have already completed half of the tiles and I think that this week you will complete the rest of them, that means that next week you will be able to start painting.

While waiting for the tiles to be transferred you have been assigned a Collage Portrait as a pre-cursor to your Self-Portrait that you will be completing after the Kapadokya Project is finished.

7_03 Pigeon House and Pigeons
This past week we made some great Paper Pigeons and many of you brought in a wealth of supplies for us to experiment with. As a group you have agreed to make a life-size Paper Pigeon first, embellish it by cutting feathers and adding details through sewing. Your second Pigeon is going to be a soft sculpture aka a Stuffed Pigeon. This week please we will concentrate on the Paper Pigeons.