Sunday, November 9, 2008

Announcements Week 10 (10-16 Nov. 2008)

If you are on Facebook, join the Art Group to get TetraBlink updates delivered to you as notifications. Click on the badge in the Announcements column and ask to "friend" the group.

Grade 6
Read the post: Fingerprint 2

In class you are either tracing your Fingerprint OR working on the Collage Portrait. I will be grading your Dev. SkBks. So make sure that the checklist that I gave to you is complete and that your books are in order

Grade 7
Read the post: Kapadokya Projects 1

Group 701 (Shadow Boxes) make time to meet outside of class in your groups and do the planning that you should have done to day in class please.

Grade 8
Final Grades on Cells 3 are this week - all of you should be starting on your "canvas" for your painting this week.