Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cells 3

Your Cell Project is beginning to take some real shape in both Biology and Art class. Mr. Young has posted information for you on Moodle including a rubric clearly stating his expectations for the Science side of things.

I clarified for you in Art class this week what I expect you to be doing as you develop an idea for your painting. We have talked about understanding your Cell almost as if it were a personality and you have now pulled together its biography. Many of you have created a context for where to place your cell in a picture that will tell a "story" both factual and fictional about your chosen cell.

In your Development Sketchbooks you need to have the following for next class:
  1. Make sure your Cell is indeed a Cell...
  2. More images of your Cell (at LEAST 3) - you need to become as familiar with your cell, as if you were studying a person to paint their portrait.
  3. An explanation in your Development Sketchbook about where your cell can be found and what its function is.
  4. A story of your making that tells us where your cell is in your picture and what it is doing. Remember the examples that I shared using Erim's Goblet Cell and Laila's Strep Cell.
  5. Think about mixed-media techniques that you might like to employ. Some of you have already talked to me about paints, sewing, collage.
  6. Be ready next week to come to class and start this painting. You will complete a full sketch-painting in your Development Sketchbooks before you work on your final "canvas".

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