Saturday, October 11, 2008

Announcements Week 6 (13-19 October, 2008)

Grade 6
This week you will be starting Complementary Colours - you will make a colour chart using complementary colours for your Development Sketchbook.

Grade 7

I will be collecting your Cappadocia Assignment in class, make sure that you have completed the Check List before you come to class. If you are missing something, there is enough information on TetraBlink 2 to help you complete the work.

Grade 7 Kapadokya Check List
  1. Architectural sketch of a valley (x1)
  2. Note the colours of the frescoes and find out about pigment
  3. Sketch a detail (x1) of one of the frescoes
  4. Find and record (x3) symbols
  5. Find the chicken, draw it (x1) and find out its story
  6. Take photos of Pigeon Houses
Grade 8
I will be handing back your graded Cell Research and you will start a sketch painting in your Development Sketchbooks.