Friday, October 24, 2008

Announcements Week 8 (27 Oct -02 Nov, 2008)

Grade 6
This week you should be all caught up in your Development Sketchbooks and we are going to look at the Art in Forensic Science. Check out the Rob Gonsalves slide-show

Grade 7
The Grade 7 class keeps getting interrupted, hopefully this week we can really get to work on the Kapadokya Projects. Come with ideas!

Grade 8
Read Cells 3 and come to class with each of the steps listed in that post recorded and laid out in your Development Sketchbooks.

In your Development Sketchbooks you need to have the following for next class:

  1. Make sure your Cell is indeed a Cell...
  2. More images of your Cell (at LEAST 3)
  3. An explanation in your Development Sketchbook about where your cell can be found and what its function is.
  4. A story of your making that tells us where your cell is in your picture and what it is doing.
  5. Think about mixed-media techniques that you might like to employ.
  6. Be ready next week to come to class and start this painting.