Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kapadokya 2

The Cappadocia trip is happening this week and while you are there you are going to be doing some independent work for art class. Please read the list below carefully and make sure that you see me before you go if you have any questions. I would like you to keep in mind all the fun facts/details that we have explored in art and to keep in mind the fascinating role that pigeons might have played in the monks lives.

When you get home you are going to take your observations and use them in your work.

Your art assignment is:

Day 1 (Wed. Oct 08 - Zelve Valley) or Day 3 (Fri. Oct 10 - Ihlara Valley)

  1. Complete an Architectural Sketch (x1) of either the Zelve Valley or the Ihlara Valley. Use your contour drawing skills and remember to sketch lightly first, then to go back after the initial sketch is completed and CHOOSE your lines. Fill your page. You know what I mean...
Day 2 (Thurs. Oct 09 - Göreme Open Air Museum)
  1. Make a list of the colours used in the frescoes and find out how the pigments for those colours were made.
  2. Sketch a detail of ONE (x1) of the frescoes in the churches. Pay attention to detail and use your contour drawing skills. Always use your contour drawing skills to lightly sketch out the details, use the full page and then go back and choose your lines, darken your details using line-work.
  3. Find and record (x3) symbols from the churches. If you can, find out what they mean and write the meaning underneath your sketch.
  4. There is church that has a chicken in it. Find the chicken/rooster/peacock (which is it?), draw it and discover its story.
  1. Take photos of different Pigeon Houses and concentrate on interesting details. Come home with at least 3 photos.

Have a great trip. I look forward to seeing your sketches and photographs when you come home. Remember, your chaperones will have a copy of the list, and so will some of the students from 7_02.

Grade 7 Kapadokya Check List
  1. Architectural sketch of a valley (x1)
  2. Note the colours of the frescoes and find out about pigment
  3. Sketch a detail (x1) of one of the frescoes
  4. Find and record (x3) symbols
  5. Find the chicken, draw it (x1) and find out its story
  6. Take photos of Pigeon Houses
  7. Have fun

If you are not going on the Cappadocia Trip please check out the links that I have provided. Your assignment is to do a virtual tour and also complete the Kapadokya Check List. Instead of taking photos of Pigeon Houses you will find three good ones on the computer or in a book.