Monday, November 24, 2008

Collage Portrait

Grade 6 while you have been waiting for the projector to trace your Fingerprint, many of you have completed your first Collage Portrait. Collage Portrait, as we are calling it, is when you cut paper shapes to create the elements of a person's face and then glue them onto a background. Here are the basic steps:

To start with choose a picture from a magazine. Keep the size to about an A4 sheet of paper. It is best if your picture is a simple facial portrait.

Next take a sheet of tracing paper and place it over the picture that you chose. Then find shapes in the image. The hair can be one shape, the eyes, nose and mouth their own shapes. Try to simplify the image by making each element into a shape that you can easily cut from paper.

When the shapes are all cut, glue them carefully to the A4 size background. Leave a small space between each shape and watch how the background colour helps to add line to your composition.

Tip. Do not glue right to the edges, it keeps the portrait paper clean AND the edges create fun shadows in the Collage Portrait.