Sunday, November 16, 2008

Announcements Week 11 (17-23 Nov. 2008)

Grade 6
In class you are either tracing your Fingerprint OR working on the Collage Portrait. The Collage Portraits are beginning to look really good. The Fingerprints are also coming along and I am anxious to start painting with you.

Last week we did not go through the Development Sketchbook checklist that I gave to you, but we will this week, so make sure that you are ready to have your books checked by me on these days:

  1. 601 - Tuesday, Nov. 18
  2. 602 - Wednesday, Nov. 19
  3. 603 - Thursday, Nov. 20
Grade 7
The Kapadokya Projects are well established now and you need to record the process in your Dev. Skbks. We talked about this in class and agreed that at some point this week I would post a homework assignment for each group to write about their work. The assignment will be due for all the Grade 7 groups on Friday, Nov. 21.

Meanwhile, in class:
  1. 701 - Complete the transfer of your design onto the Grid Paper that I gave you so that you can proportion your work and plan realistically for the Collage Sketch of the Street Scene that you must also do this week.
  2. 702 - This week you start painting.
  3. 703 - You should have completed painting your Paper Pigeon and this week you will sew onto the paper for the final layer of detail.
Grade 8
Last week we spent a significant amount of time re-grouping to make sure that your Cell Research is recorded and clear in your Dev. Skbks. I am expecting to see everybody done with that portion of their work this week and all members of the class working on their final paintings.