Sunday, November 2, 2008

Announcements Week 9 (02 - 09 Nov, 2008)

Grade 6
You are all working on your Fingerprint drawing in your Development Sketchbooks. This week you will identify your print and and start planning your painting.

Grade 7
The Kapadokya Projects are taking shape, It seems that this week you sorted out most of the logistics of your projects (except for the Pigeons...) and now it is time to start working on them for real.

7_01 Shadow Boxes
Friday's class was tough, those last two periods are tricky, it is hard to come in at the end of the day at the end of the week and be all full of energy and ideas. I appreciate how quickly you agreed on your project idea and I think it is going to be a really good one. This week you need to sketch out the design for the project, make a list of materials and assign who is going to work on which Shadow Box: 1. Skyline/Landscape, 2. Göreme/Town/Churches, 3. Underground City.

7_02 Ceiling Painting/Fresco
The fresco has been mapped and each of you have been assigned your section of the grid to paint. If you have forgotten, you need to speak to Murat. This week you will be tracing your quadrant onto the ceiling panel. As a class you need to talk about colours and make a final list of your colour palette.

7_03 Pigeon House and Pigeons
We agreed that the Pigeon experiment was pretty funny and quite a disaster in terms of making models of Pigeons. You know that as a group you need to collect lots of pictures for references AND decide on the best method for making your Pigeons. That needs to happen this week!

Grade 8
Most of the background research is completed. You should have a detailed profile of your cell and a good understanding of it. Your stories are ready for the paintings and you have completed the Sketch Painting in your Development Sketchbooks. This week all that work needs to translate into you starting the actual painting.