Sunday, January 18, 2009

Announcements Week 18 (19-25 Jan. 2009)

Continuing with what we were doing last week:

Grade 6 Fingerprint Paintings and Loose Ends
You will be completing your Fingerprint Paintings and wrapping up any loose ends in your Development Sketchbooks.

Grade 7 Development Sketchbooks, Mounted Work & New Projects
Making sure that your Development Sketchbooks are in complete order and that all art work done so far is mounted, as well as:

  • 701 - Complete the Bulletin Board Collages
  • 702 - Plan the Friendship Circle
  • 703 - Complete and Mount Pigeon Portraits

Grade 8 Cell Paintings
Deadline dates are passed. This week you will be writing an in-depth reflection of the Cells Project. See the Cells 5 posting.