Friday, January 16, 2009

Cells 5

To complete the Cell Project you will need to write a Reflection in your Development Sketchbooks. This will be your culminating task for this assignment. Next week you will complete the self-assessment rubric and then all grades will be final. The deadlines for the art work are passed, and so if you still need to complete your paintings, you will need to do that on your own time, no more class time will be given to the paintings.

Cell Project Reflection:
  1. Make a note of how long the Cell Project took (13 weeks) and comment on your time-management skills. Have you completed your Project on time? If yes - Explain how you managed to do that. If no - Explain why and what you are planning to do about it.
  2. Describe your final painting as if you are talking to somebody who has not seen it.
  3. Does your Painting successfully represent your Cell? Is the Story of your Cell evident?
  4. Do you think that your Painting is successful? Both from an Artistic and a Scientific point-of-view. If yes - Explain why. If no - Explain why
  5. Does your final Painting look like your Sketch Painting? If you have made adjustments and changes to your Sketch Painting record those now and explain why you made those adjustments.
  6. What were some of the challenges that you faced in this project?
  7. What were some of the successes you accomplished in this project?
  8. What have you learned from doing this project?