Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photography 2

Now that you are back from Ephesus with mounds and mounds of images to sort through, your next assignment for Art is to choose three (3) of those images and create an album on Facebook where you will upload and store the pictures.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Look through all of your photographs
  2. Choose: a landscape, a portrait and a detail
  3. Rename the photo files using this format: yourname_portrait.jpg. Usually your image will be called something like: DSCF6616.JPG. You will need to click on the file until it is highlighted and then type in a new name, for example: lacoste_portrait.jpg. It is important that the file extention JPG is at the end
  4. Check your file names. You should have 3 images that are labelled like this: yourname_landscape.jpg, yourname_portrait.jpg & yourname_detail.jpg
  5. Create a new photo album in Facebook
  6. Label the album: Your Name Efes Photos (example: Lacoste Efes Photos)
  7. Upload the 3 pictures
  8. Save
When your Efes Facebook album is created we will use it for English and Art class. This is going to facilitate our ability to put together the Ephesus Book as well as use it for the Visual Blog that we are also going to make. Good luck! Come and see me or Ms. Helmer if you have any questions.