Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abstract 1

Piet Mondrian, Still Life with Ginger Pot, 1911

Your next assignment (running for two consecutive weeks) will be to take an image through a series of stages from realistic, to stylized, or more organic to geometric. The image that you will be working with is one of the photographs that you took on the Ephesus trip.

The end product must convey a sense of visual balance with an area of emphasis (focal point). Emphasis can be achieved by effectively using colour, shape and line. To assist you in defining emphasis you will limit your palette to 3 colours. If you use a tint or a shade that counts as one of the colours.

You will complete three paintings:
  1. Realistic
  2. Less Realistic/Towards Abstract (figuring out the essential lines that you want to work with)
  3. Geometric/Abstract (choosing main shapes and lines to represent your image)

Piet Mondrian, Still Life with Ginger Pot, 1912

You will need:
  • Picture from Ephesus printed on A4 paper in colour
  • Development Sketchbook
  • Watercolour Paints

As background information and some inspiration we will be looking at Piet Mondrian's work.