Sunday, May 3, 2009

Announcements Week 32 (04 - 10 May, 2009)

This will be our first uninterrupted week in a while, so hopefully things will move along smoothly...

Grade 6

If you have not already, bring socks and a needle.

Grade 7
The Haiku print is the last in your series of Haiku illustrations, you will design and complete a series of prints this week.

Grade 8
As you have now all seen in class the Efes Blog is looking great. Make sure that you get your pictures to me this week if you have not done so, that way we can talk seriously about publishing a book.

This week you be:

  1. Finalizing your Abstract of your photo
  2. Painting it as a watercolour that is presentation quality
  3. Completing the rubric and handing it in with your final work