Sunday, May 24, 2009

Announcements Week 35 (25-31 May, 2009)

All Middle Schoolers are invited to enter into the Global Community Project, In Peace Together, if you are interested read the link that I posted and then come and see me if you have any further questions.

Grade 6

Many of you completed your torsos last week and have started on tails. The sewing is looking fabulous and I am excited to see the monkeys begin to take shape.

Grade 7
You completed your first flipbook using a sticky-note pad. Those of you who did not hand them during class on Friday are expected to deliver them during the first ten minutes of your first lesson with me this week. This week you will begin working on your second flipbook, which will be completed on larger cut paper and bound with a bull clip. Remember that I am expecting to see a story, and that your flipbook will need to be at least 30 "frames" (pages) long.

Grade 8
Two classes left. You will complete two more in studio challenges before the end of this school year. Come ready to strain your brain!