Saturday, May 30, 2009

Announcements Week 36 (01-05 June, 2009)

All Middle Schoolers are invited to enter into the Global Community Project, In Peace Together, if you are interested read the link that I posted and then come and see me if you have any further questions.

Grade 6

This is the week that the Sock Monkeys really come together. Most of you will finish them this week. You have torsos, tails, arms, and ears ready. Some of you have even made hearts. Get ready to do some serious sewing this week.

Grade 7
I posted two examples of the sticky-note flipbooks, scroll down and take a look. Everybody is now working on their larger, loose-leaf format with nice heavy weight paper, which will be bound using a bull-clip. These are all due this coming Friday, June 5th - our last art lesson together!

Grade 8
One class left. Last week you were challenged to make a sticky-note flipbook like the 7's had been making. I posted two examples of student work just below - take a look. One challenge left, for our last lesson together. See you bright and early on Monday morning!