Sunday, May 17, 2009

Announcements Week 34 (18-24 May, 2009)

Grade 6
You have started actually sewing your Sock Monkeys! After what seemed like forever, learning how to back stitch, everybody got off to a great start on their Sock #1 - the torso and legs. Looking good, nice sewing everybody. This week we continue...

Grade 7
The Haiku Prints challenged you to make a leap from judging process and not product. The printing was an imperfect scenario due to challenges with the materials, but the most important thing was for you to complete 3 prints in the given time and to understand the process - not for them to be the most amazing art that you have ever made, which, let's face it, they weren't! Good work on the timed challenge.

Grade 8
The Abstract water colours based on a photograph of your from Ephesus were hugely successful. We will be assessing them this week and then moving onto our last few lessons together this year. Time is flying.