Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flipbook 1

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Your next assignment is to create a Flipbook. I have asked you to think about what you might draw. The best thing to do is to choose an object that you want to see move, that you also know you can draw with relative ease. Then you should write a short description of what you want to see happen in your book.

For example, I might want to draw:
A dragon setting light to a pile of sticks while sitting in front of her cave

Things that I might then think of are:
  • Exactly what my dragon looks like and can I draw her again and again? And then...
  • She is sitting, while she is trying to light the fire
  • I imagine in my head that I will have to draw her lowering her head towards the sticks, puffing up her cheeks, and blowing through pursed lips
  • She might try several times and then a small flame will appear
  • The flame will not quite reach the sticks at first
  • Her head will pull back before she leans down to try again
  • Suddenly the sticks catch fire
  • The dragon will lean back and sits contentedly watching her fire burn
Or you could choose something much more simple, but just as enjoyable.

In class you will be creating two Flipbooks; one using a sticky note pad and another using art papers.