Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kapadokya Projects 3 - 702

As you know - we have completed our Ceiling Painting (I am still waiting for photos to be emailed to me). This project has gone extremely well despite numerous interruptions in our schedule. What I am posting for you today is reminder of the reflections you have been doing in your Development Sketchbooks.

You should have the following documented:

Ceiling Fresco 4

  1. Explain what went wrong in the last lesson
  2. Write down the solutions you came up with for those problems:
  • One Person mixes the Paint
  • People are lined up 3 to a table in order of the Grid
  • Tape the side of the tile with Name + Tile #
  • Each Student will have a reference photo to work from.

Ceiling Fresco 5
  1. Describe everybody’s role in the project, eg. Murat in charge of the grid, Ege in charge of the reference photos, clean up and also working in the smaller groups at each table of 3 tiles.
  2. Progress. Describe how we put the fresco together on the floor and made some artistic decisions about colour, unity and texture.

Ceiling Fresco 6

  1. The completed project, describe what it looks like and how we put it up.
  2. Reflect on your thoughts about this project.