Friday, September 26, 2008

Announcements Bayram Week

Grade 6 & 7:
You have NO homework.

Grade 8:
Your homework is to do Cell Research in your Development Sketchbook.

  1. Write and explanation of the Cell Project (see blog postings Cell 1 & Cell 2) using your own words and handwriting the explanation. Do not cut and paste from the Internet.
  2. Find at least 3 images as references. Remember to say what the images are of and where they come from.
  3. Draw your cells 2 times: Draw in detail 2 of the cells that you have researched using your Contour Drawing skills. Draw the 2 cells again and this time create a colour scheme for your picture. Create your own colour scheme and try not to copy the colours from your reference pictures.
Enjoy your Bayram Break!