Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cells 2

How to set up your Cell Research in your Development Sketchbook
To start your cell research you will need to have the following elements in your Development Sketchbook. Remember to write everything in your own words.

  1. Write the date on the page (top-right-hand-corner).
  2. Give your page a title: Cell Research.
  3. Write an explanation of the assignment. For Example (do not copy this): We are studying cells in Biology and our first painting assignment in Art is to paint a large-format painting of a cell-structure. Ms. Lacoste has asked us to research three images of cell structure in our Development Sketchbooks. For the Art research we have to draw 2 of the cells twice, once just as a line drawing and the second time as a line drawing that we colour using Watercolour pencil. This assignment is to familiarize us with the structure of different cells as we learn about them and think about what our final painting will look like.
  4. Paste a minimum of 3 images into your books, label the type of cell they are and where you found the image, the source.
  5. Draw 2 of the cells two times. 1 line drawing + 1 Coloured for both cells = 4 sketches
  6. Create your own colour scheme for the cells you have drawn, do not copy the images you have downloaded, use them only as a reference.
  7. Remember to be creative in the way that you present your Research, use your pages well and think about the lay-out of your information. You want it to be interesting and fun to look at.

These images come from the work of David Goodsell who is a Molecular Biologist as well as an artist. I put them side-by-side so that you could compare the black and white line drawing to the coloured one.