Sunday, February 8, 2009

Announcements Week 21 (09-15 Feb. 2009)

Grade 6

  • 601 - String Art, please bring a needle to class, we can not proceed without them!
  • 602 - You will finish cutting out your mobile pieces and start painting them this week.
  • 603 - Let's talk about simple printmaking...
Grade 7
  • 701 - The Space Collage is done and looks fabulous, I will photograph it this week and post it for you. This week you will be deciding on the details of your next project. Bring ideas for styles of art that you like, and an object we can all agree on using.
  • 702 - Friendship Circle, Collage Portraits have started. We will be looking at your data for the wheel this week. Make sure you POLL the entire 7th Grade for each of your questions.
  • 703 - Cylinder Seals - Your myth should be well researched. You have decided on which images you are going to use and are bringing pictures to class to help you draw your images.
Grade 8
Last week I set you the challenge of completing a Collage Portrait during your art period. This week you will be taking that same image and transferring it into a black and white image using only white paper and ink.