Monday, February 16, 2009

Friendship Wheel 2 - 702

What has been decided is this:

  • Each member of the class will create a self-portrait, this will mean 16 panels, which when laid out 4 x 4 will create a large square background.
  • The background will be a press-board, the portraits will be evenly spaced and glued to the press-board creating a class portrait as the main image.
  • In a large circle on the board there will be one nail for each student in the 7th grade (44 people) with their names attached on a ribbon (or other material).
  • You have collected 'data' by pooling each member of the 7th grade, asking them at least two questions each that could be answered by either a yes or no.
  • Students will be connected via a thread/threads to each other on the circle depending on their responses to the questions that you have asked.
  • Viewers will be able to see how the 7th grade is linked not only as students sharing the same year in school but also by their particular interests.