Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mobile 2

602 you have done a beautiful job painting your Mobile pieces and now you are ready to start finding the balancing point of all of your pieces and stringing them into a Mobile like the one below.

This is a step-by-step account of how to complete your Calder Mobile. Right now you are all ready to start Step 7.

Grade 6 Studio Work

  1. Trace your template on the backside of the paper using an oil pastel, you can use the window for this;
  2. Carefully staple your template to your cardboard;
  3. Trace your template using a ballpoint pen
  4. Cut out the six pieces of your mobile;
  5. Keep all of your pieces together using the blue construction paper that the teacher has given you;
  6. Paint the pieces with acrylic paint. You can use any colours that you like. Be sure to paint one side at a time and allow the side to dry completely before you turn it over to paint the other side;
  7. Find the centre of balance for each piece by balancing it on your finger. Lay it flat on your finger until is does not fall off, it will balance perfectly like a see-saw. Mark that point with a pencil;
  8. Make two holes in each of your mobile mobile pieces using a needle. One hole just below the top edge of the piece at the balance point and and one hole at the "tail" end of the piece;
  9. Using thread string all the pieces together;
  10. Check to see that your mobile is balanced and make any adjustments needed;
  11. Hang it up in the classroom above your work tables.