Sunday, February 1, 2009

Announcements Week 20 (02-08 Feb. 2009)

It is the beginning of 2nd Semester and this is what your week looks like:

Grade 6
All new projects are starting in each of the Grade 6 classes:

  • 601 - String Art, please bring a needle to class
  • 602 - Mobiles inspired by Calder
  • 603 - Still deciding on this one, I'll get back to you soon.

Grade 7
Each section of the Grade 7 is working on a different project:
  • 701 - Space Collage, should be able to finish this Friday
  • 702 - Friendship Circle, all photos should be in and you will be starting your Collage Portrait
  • 703 - Sumerian Inspired Cuneiform

Grade 8
This week you will complete and deliver a finalized Periodic Table (oh yes, that SAME one from last year!)