Sunday, February 22, 2009

Announcements Week 23 (23 Feb. - 01 Mar. 2009)

Grade 6

  • 601 - String Art: Completing your designs and then mounting them for the Art Show.
  • 602 - Mobiles: Stringing the pieces for your mobile, balancing it out and hanging it in the Art Room
  • 603 - Silhouettes: Working on the descriptive sentences to embellish your Silhouettes

Grade 7

  • 701 - Art Time Line: Time periods have been assigned, images researched and final one chosen. You need to talk fonts this week and how to make a stencil.
  • 702 - Friendship Wheel: Everybody should be completing their portrait. You need to discuss the order that you are going to put all the names on the wheel and how you are going to tag them.
  • 703 - Cylinder Seals: This week you will make your seals. We have FIMO clay to work with, the carving is tricky but fun

Grade 8
You will be starting on your Line Portraits and everybody should have submitted their photograph to me via email for the Self-Portraits.