Sunday, February 15, 2009

Announcements Week 22 (16-22 Feb. 2009)

Grade 6

  • 601 - String Art: Everybody should be sewing this week.
  • 602 - Mobiles: Painting is almost done and then you will be stringing the pieces for your mobile.
  • 603 - Silhouettes: All silhouettes should be mounted and you will be working on the descriptive sentences.

Grade 7

  • 701 - Art Time Line: conceptualised, now you have to start figuring out which time periods and images to use.
  • 702 - Friendship Wheel: Everybody should be working on their portrait this week.
  • 703 - Cylinder Seals: This week you will make your seals.

Grade 8
If you have not completed your Collage Portrait from two weeks ago and your Ink Portrait from last week you need to make that a priority this week.